BadAss Tents RECON Roof Top Tent

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The BadAss Tents RECON pop-up Roof Top Tent is designed for those who demand a lightweight yet robust camping solution. Made in the USA and built with a tactical edge, it stands tall amongst the "lightest & slimmest" hardtop rooftop tents in the market. A true companion for the modern adventurer.

    **Ladder not included**

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    3 - Year warranty

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    All-Season Ready

    Weather doesn't dictate your adventure plans when you're with the RECON. Waterproof and built tough, it's your cozy cocoon in every season. Just grab a warm sleeping bag for those starlit nights below 40°F - adventure's not waiting for the temperature to rise!

    Lightweight and Slim Design

    It's like rooftop camping on a diet! At just 135 lbs and a mere 5” tall when closed, it's the epitome of adventure minimalism. Ready to roll, wherever the wind takes you.

    Ready-to-Roll Package

    No rocket science here. Setup is a breeze with the included basic mounting hardware. Slide into adventure mode in minutes, not hours.

    Unleash Adventure, Rooftop to Horizon

    Storage and Transport Convenience

    The RECON is more than just a tent. It's a gear-hauling beast! Those top crossbars? They can handle up to 75lbs of adventure swag. Pack your recovery boards, paddle boards, or that secret stash of marshmallows - RECON's got your back.

    Versatile Compatibility

    RECON's the team player of rooftop tents. It fits on most vehicles equipped with a roof rack or crossbars. Whether you're in a rugged 4x4 or a trusty family SUV, it’s the perfect rooftop abode.

    360° Views from Your Rooftop Oasis

    The RECON isn't just a tent; it's your panoramic portal to the great outdoors. With three doors and four large zippered windows, immerse yourself in 360° views. Let nature be your movie screen!