BadAss Tents "PACKOUT" Soft Top Rooftop Tent

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Size: Standart Size 46x79"


Assembly: DIY Assembly required


The BadAss Tents "PACKOUT" Soft Top Rooftop Tent is a pioneering addition for 2023, raising the bar for rooftop camping. Light, compact, and incredibly easy to set up thanks to its clamshell design, it's the epitome of modern adventure, crafted in the USA. Whether you opt for the STANDARD or HICAP size, you're choosing a tent designed to enhance your outdoor experience.

    **Ladder not included**

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    All-Season Performance

    This tent is your all-weather warrior, designed to rock every season. Crafted with tough 400D ripstop material, it laughs in the face of rain and snow. Just grab a warm sleeping bag for those chilly nights below 30°F, and you're set to conquer the cold!

    Integrated Rainfly

    The "PACKOUT" Rooftop Tent is equipped with an integrated rainfly that enhances your camping experience. You can easily roll it up and secure it when not needed, providing shade or rain coverage over the back door as required, giving you versatile weather protection options.

    Lightweight and Slim Design

    The "PACKOUT" Rooftop Tent is your adventure buddy that won't weigh you down! At just 100 lbs and a sleek 3” tall, it's like adding a feather to your overland setup. Minimalism meets comfort, giving you the freedom to explore without compromise.

    Light the Fire of Adventure, Anywhere, Anytime

    Versatile Compatibility

    Adventure calls, and the "PACKOUT" Rooftop Tent is always ready to answer! It's compatible with most ride setups, making it the ideal choice for every kind of explorer. Whether you're a trailblazer in a Jeep or a city slicker in an SUV, this tent's got your back.

    Convenient Storage

    Inside this tent is a cozy nest with smart storage options. Tuck in your sleeping bags and snooze on the provided 1″ sleeping pad. It's like your personal adventure den, keeping everything snug and within reach.

    Swift Setup

    Time is precious when you're out there chasing sunsets and stargazing. The "PACKOUT" Rooftop Tent throws out the challenge - can you set up camp in just a minute? Challenge accepted, adventure awaits!