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Introducing the NEW 2023 RUGGED™ Clamshell Rooftop Tent, proudly Made in the USA for passionate overlanders like you. This lightweight and ultra-slim rooftop tent, at just 4.85" tall and 113 lbs, combines innovative design with industry-leading waterproofing. With an easy setup, durable construction, and panoramic views, it's your ideal adventure companion. Take it on your overland journeys, sleep comfortably on the 1" mattress pad, and experience the great outdoors in a whole new way. Your overlanding adventures just got even better with the RUGGED™ rooftop tent.

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Effortless Setup

Say goodbye to frustrating, time-consuming setups. The gas shock strut arms make installation swift and hassle-free, no matter the weather conditions. These arms also provide structural integrity even when faced with gusty winds, ensuring a secure and stable camping experience. The tent's low profile further minimizes wind noise and drag, allowing you to maintain that free-spirited overland journey without any distractions.

Light and Slim Design

Weighing in at a mere 113 lbs and standing just 4.85" tall, this tent sets a new standard for lightweight and low-profile rooftop camping. It's the perfect companion for overlanders who want to minimize wind resistance and maintain a sleek, aerodynamic setup, ideal for those who crave efficient travel.

Spacious Interior

With three doors and three large zippered windows, the 2023 RUGGED™ Rooftop Tent provides a remarkable 270-degree panoramic view of your surroundings. Whether you're basking in nature's beauty or seeking a little privacy, this tent is the versatile answer. Its blackout technology guarantees uninterrupted sleep and privacy when you need it.

The Lightest, Toughest Rooftop Tent Around

All-Season Performance

No adventure is restricted by the weather when you have the 2023 RUGGED™ Rooftop Tent. It's crafted to excel in all seasons, featuring a waterproof design that can take on rain and snow with ease. For colder nights below 40°F, simply equip yourself with a warm sleeping bag to remain cozy and protected in the great outdoors.

Rugged Durability

Constructed with a robust extruded aluminum frame, this tent is engineered to handle your boldest journeys. The frame supports up to 500 lbs, ensuring that you're ready for whatever challenges nature throws your way. Overlanders can rely on this tent's durability for many adventures to come.

Two-Person Comfort

Designed with the comfort of overlanders in mind, this rooftop tent features a 100% recycled thermal-regulating mattress pad. This 1" pad ensures a comfortable night's sleep, and it's perfect for two adventurers looking for a cozy rooftop haven. It's all about waking up refreshed and ready to explore, no matter where your journey takes you.