Overland Vehicle Systems Mamba Hard Shell Roof Top Tent

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The Mamba III is the best in class all Aluminum-Bodied Hard Side Roof Top Tent with more standard included options. The Mamba III has a Set Up and Put Away time of less than a minute. For Set Up: Unlock two latches, pull down your ladder and insert 2 window rods. Reverse the process for Put Away. The Overland Vehicle Systems Mamba III comes standard with an Anti-Condensation Mat under the thick 2.4” Mattress, Standard Functional and Removable Cross Bars for additional exterior storage, an insulated honeycomb base, and enough interior space to store bedding when closedThe Mamba III Roof Top Tent also comes with 1 Adjustable Interior Pop-Up Strut for additional support for when weight has been added to the cross bars. The Mamba III Roof Top Tent has a clean, rugged, durable, sleek and an aerodynamic design compared to traditional Roof Top Tents.

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Tough as Nails, Ready for Adventure

Hey there, outdoor enthusiasts! Check out the Mamba III – it's not just about good looks; it's as sturdy as they come. Picture this: a premium 600D Rip Stop waterproof body that laughs in the face of rough weather, cool 120G Environmental Fadeless Gaze window screens for that perfect breeze, and those nifty nitrogen gas charged struts that make setting up a walk in the park. Plus, there's an adjustable interior pop-up strut adding extra oomph for your gear, a tough-as-nails ballistic nylon pull strap, and a handle made from aircraft-grade aluminum. This tent is your rugged home away from home.

Superior Functionality and Versatility

Functionality is king with the Mamba III. This rooftop tent is equipped with t-slot accessory channels, perfect for mounting all your recovery gear and lightweight accessories. Plus, it comes with two standard cross bars (hello, Thule and Yakima compatibility!) that you can load up with extra adventure gear. And guess what? They’re removable if you need more space.

Stay Neat and Organized

Hey campers, say goodbye to clutter and hello to neatness with the Mamba III's super handy storage solutions! We're talking six overhead removable Velcro storage pockets - perfect for stashing all your small essentials up and out of the way. Need more? There's more! Dive into the large storage pouches, ideal for your bulkier items. And those two exterior hanging shoe pouches? They're a total game-changer, keeping your muddy boots outside and your tent pristine. With the Mamba III, organizing your gear is as easy as pie. No more rummaging through bags to find your flashlight or tripping over shoes in the dark - everything’s in its place, ready for your next adventure!

Stay Cozy Inside, No Matter the Weather Outside with Mamba III

The Mamba III Roof Top Tent excels in insulation with its 1” aluminum honeycomb base and 2.4” high-density foam mattress, creating a thermal barrier against external temperatures. Combined with its 600D Rip Stop Polyester Canvas body and anti-condensation mat, the tent maintains a comfortable internal climate. Breathable window screens ensure ventilation without significant heat loss, making the Mamba III ideal for any weather condition.

Your Own Cozy Corner in the Great Outdoors

Step into the Mamba III and say hello to your new favorite camping spot. With its awesome skylight, you can doze off while counting stars or wake up to the first light of dawn. The sleeping space is huge – we're talking 86” x 50” of roominess, topped with a cushy high-density foam mattress. And those 120G Environmental Fadeless Gaze window screens? They're all about keeping you cool and bug-free. The Mamba III isn’t just any tent; it's your personal chill zone in the wilderness.

Ultra-Fast Setup and Takedown

Get ready for a camping revolution with the Mamba III. In less than a minute, you can set up your rooftop haven. Thanks to the two nitrogen gas charged struts, opening the tent is a smooth, almost effortless process. Just flip open two latches, extend the ladder, and pop in the window rods – that's it! Packing up is just as easy; simply reverse the steps with the help of the gas struts to lower and secure the tent. It's like having a bit of camping magic, without any of the usual hassle.

Rapid Deployment and Broad Vehicle Suitability

The Mamba III Roof Top Tent excels in both ease of installation and compatibility. Weighing 177 lbs, it offers a balance between robust construction and manageable handling. Designed for a wide array of vehicles, from family SUVs to off-road trucks, its compatibility with most roof racks ensures a seamless setup. This tent is particularly suited for those who value quick and effortless installation, providing more time to enjoy the adventure with less time spent on tent assembly. The Mamba III's design emphasizes convenience, making it a top choice for campers who seek both reliability and ease of use in their outdoor gear.

Detailed Specs

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