Overland Vehicle Systems Sidewinder Roof Top Tent

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Step into the world of elevated camping with the Sidewinder Roof Top Tent, a marvel of modern design and functionality. This hard-sided, side-opening tent redefines convenience with its quick setup, taking less than a minute to transform from a sleek travel companion into a spacious outdoor abode. Weighing 185 lbs and featuring dimensions of 91” x 55.5”, it comfortably accommodates 2-3 people within its 86” x 50” sleeping area. Constructed with premium 600D Rip Stop Waterproof material and an insulated 1” aluminum honeycomb base, the Sidewinder ensures you stay protected and cozy, no matter the weather. The tent is equipped with an array of features like breathable 120G Environmental Fadeless Gaze window screens, a high-density 2” foam mattress, and convenient storage solutions, including a shoe bag and an oversized storage loft. Whether you're venturing into the wild or embarking on a road trip, the Sidewinder is your ideal rooftop sanctuary, combining rugged durability with luxurious comfort.

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Premium Build, Unmatched Durability

The Sidewinder isn't just fast; it's built to endure. Featuring a heavy-duty 600D Rip Stop Waterproof Tent Body, and a base made from 1” Aluminum Honeycomb that’s both insulated and sturdy, it's designed for the long haul. The tent's robustness is enhanced with marine-grade 304 stainless steel hardware, ballistic nylon pull straps, and aircraft-grade aluminum handles. Plus, those nitrogen gas charged struts and adjustable interior pop-up strut add to its stability and ease of use.

Superior Functionality

This tent is not just a sleeping spot; it's a storage hub. With t-slot accessory channels for mounting gear, removable crossbars compatible with Thule and Yakima accessories, and built-in storage bags, it’s ideal for carrying extra gear. The 120G fade-less glaze breathable windows ensure ample ventilation, maintaining a comfortable interior environment.

Streamlined Storage Solutions

Pack light but pack right with the Sidewinder's ingenious storage options! It's kitted out with a large exterior mesh pouch, perfect for stashing those items you need in a hurry. Inside, a clear removable Velcro storage pouch keeps your valuables safe and visible. And for all your bits and bobs, there are a total of 8 mesh overhead removable Velcro storage pockets, offering ample space to keep everything organized and tidy. This means you can bring along all your essentials without the clutter, making your camping experience as neat and streamlined as it is adventurous. Whether it's your map, flashlight, or favorite book, there's a special spot for everything in the Sidewinder.

Optimal Insulation for Comfort in Any Climate

The Sidewinder Roof Top Tent isn't just about space; it’s a fortress against the elements. With its thoughtful insulation design, you're set for comfort, regardless of the weather outside. The tent features a 1” thick aluminum honeycomb insulated base, which acts as a barrier against the cold ground or hot air, maintaining a cozy interior atmosphere. This insulation is key to keeping you warm on chilly nights and cool during hot summer days. Additionally, the premium 600D Rip Stop Waterproof Tent Body and the anti-condensation mat work together to prevent moisture buildup inside the tent. So whether you're camping in the frosty mountains or in the midst of a summer escapade, the Sidewinder ensures you stay snug and comfortable, turning your outdoor adventure into a delightful experience in any climate.

Optimal Comfort and Spaciousness

Comfort is key in the Sidewinder. Inside, you'll find a 2” high-density foam mattress, an anti-condensation mat, and an oversized storage loft, creating a cozy and organized sleeping area. The sleeping capacity comfortably accommodates 2-3 people in an area of 86” x 50”, and you can even store your bedding inside when the tent is closed!

Swift Installation and Flexible Compatibility

The Sidewinder Roof Top Tent distinguishes itself with its lightweight design, weighing 185 lbs, and its effortless installation process. Designed to accommodate a wide range of vehicles, from compact SUVs to larger trucks, it fits well with most standard roof racks. This ease of compatibility ensures that setting up the Sidewinder is straightforward, requiring minimal effort and no complex modifications to your vehicle. Ideal for those who seek a quick-to-deploy shelter without the hassle, the Sidewinder offers adventurers a practical solution that combines convenience and adaptability for a variety of outdoor excursions.

Ultra-Quick Setup for Instant Adventure

Welcome to the Sidewinder, a game-changer in the world of Roof Top Tents. This all SIDE OPENING Aluminum-Bodied Hard Side Tent is all about convenience. Imagine setting up your sleeping haven in less than a minute! Just unlock two latches, pull down the ladder, insert two window rods, and you're all set. Packing up is just as quick, making it the perfect choice for adventurers who value their time exploring.

Detailed Specs

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