Overland Vehicle Systems TMBK 3 Person Roof Top Tent

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Adventure awaits with the TMBK Roof Top Tent, a perfect blend of functionality and convenience for the outdoor enthusiast. This tent is a fortress against the elements, boasting a heavy aluminum base, marine-grade hardware, and a rugged 600D Rip Stop Canvas body coupled with a 420D Polyester Oxford Waterproof Rain Fly. Designed to comfortably sleep up to three, it offers a spacious 94.5” x 55.25” sleeping area, complete with a skylight for stargazing. The insulated base and breathable windows ensure a cozy stay, regardless of the weather. Weighing just about 100 lbs and equipped with an 81” aluminum telescopic ladder, it’s a breeze to set up on most vehicles. Whether you're exploring remote mountains or serene beaches, the TMBK Tent is your reliable, easy-to-setup home away from home.

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Tough As Nails, Ready for All Seasons

Get ready for a tent that's as tough as you are. The TMBK Roof Top Tent isn’t just built, it’s battle-born with a heavy aluminum plated base and marine-grade stainless steel to take on whatever Mother Nature throws at you. The 600D Heavy Duty Poly Cotton Rip Stop Canvas and 420D Polyester Oxford Waterproof Rain Fly, rocking a PU-2000 UV rating, are like a shield against the elements. Whether it's scorching sun, relentless rain, or a surprise snowstorm, this four-season warrior has got you covered.

Spacious Comfort in the Wild

Step inside, and you'll find a sprawling 94.5” x 55.25” area that’s like a luxury suite for up to three people. Plus, there's a skylight to gaze at the stars as you drift off on the plush high-density foam mattress. It's not just a sleeping space; it's your personal relaxation den, a place to recharge after a day of adventures.

Smart Storage for Smart Adventurers

We know how quickly gear can turn into a jumbled mess. That's why the TMBK Tent is a game-changer with four internal storage compartments and a nifty exterior shoe holder. No more digging around for your flashlight or tripping over boots – everything you need is right where you left it, tidy and within easy reach. It's like having a butler in the wild!

Cozy Up in Sturdy Serenity

What’s camping without a bit of cozy comfort? The insulated, reinforced one-piece frame and rock-solid stainless-steel hinges mean you stay snug as a bug regardless of the weather. The aluminum insulated base? That's your guarantee for a stable, comfy haven in the great outdoors. It’s like being hugged by your tent. Seriously.

Hassle-Free Setup, Easy Peasy Access

We get it, setting up camp can be a drag. But with the TMBK Tent, it’s all about less work, more play. This baby is designed for a no-sweat setup, weighing just around 100 lbs and playing nice with most roof racks. No drilling, no headaches. The 81” sliding square aluminum ladder is your easy ticket up to a cool, elevated spot. You’ll be kicking back in your awesome tent-top perch before you know it!

Expand Your Space with the TMBK's Optional Annex Room

Enhance your camping experience with the TMBK Roof Top Tent's optional annex room, a versatile addition that transforms your tent into a multi-level outdoor living space. This annex room, tailor-made for the TMBK model, attaches seamlessly beneath the tent, providing a private, enclosed area - perfect for extra sleeping space, a changing room, or even a sheltered lounging area. Crafted from the same durable materials as the tent, including a weather-resistant polyester fabric, it offers protection and privacy. The annex features convenient entry points, windows for ventilation, and is designed to integrate effortlessly with your TMBK Roof Top Tent, making it an ideal upgrade for those seeking more space and versatility in their outdoor adventures.

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