Toyota 4Runner 09-23' (5th Gen) CONVOY Rooftop Tent

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Color: Onyx Utility Black

The BadAss Tents CONVOY Rooftop Tent designed for Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen is tailored to fit seamlessly, integrating style, functionality, and convenience into your overlanding experience. Made in the USA and backed by a 3-year warranty, it's a testament to durability and innovation.

    **Ladder not included**

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    3 - Year warranty

    30 - Day Return

    All-Season Ready

    Adventure never hibernates, and neither does the CONVOY Rooftop Tent. Its durable, waterproof construction guarantees a cozy shelter across all seasons. A plush 1″ open cell foam sleeping pad with a waterproof cover makes sure you slumber like a star, regardless of the weather.

    Seamless Vehicle Integration

    Imagine a rooftop tent that's an extension of your Toyota 4Runner. The CONVOY Rooftop Tent achieves just that, blending seamlessly and maintaining your vehicle's aerodynamics without sacrificing style.

    Quick Setup and Wind Resistance

    Effortlessly set up your CONVOY Rooftop Tent with gas shock strut arms, ensuring a swift and hassle-free installation. These arms not only make setup a breeze but also provide structural integrity even in windy conditions, guaranteeing a secure and stable camping experience.

    Elevate Your 4Runner Adventure Sky-High!

    Spacious and Functional

    It's not just about a place to sleep; it's about your adventure HQ. The CONVOY boasts 3 doors, 4 large zippered windows, and a moonroof - a tent with a view! Space for two and even a four-legged friend, because adventures are always better together.

    Lightweight and Slim Design

    This isn't your clunky rooftop tent. The CONVOY is a featherweight, tipping the scales at a mere 122 lbs and standing tall at just 5”. Easy to carry, even easier to set up, making it your go-to choice for spontaneous adventures.

    Enhanced Visibility and Connectivity

    Ready to soak in those 360° views? The CONVOY comes with top crossbars and a full patented moonroof, offering an uninterrupted panorama. Plus, it's designed to play nice with your rear camera and satellite radio, because adventure should never compromise connectivity.