Overland Vehicle Systems Bushveld 4 Person Hard Shell Roof Top Tent

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Discover the pinnacle of outdoor accommodation with the Bushveld 4-Person Hard Shell Roof Top Tent from Overland Vehicle Systems. Designed as a robust sanctuary against the elements, this tent is perfect for families or groups of adventurers. It boasts a rugged double 600D ripstop body and a sleek, aerodynamic polymer hard shell, ensuring unparalleled durability across various weather conditions. The spacious interior is a haven of comfort, fitted with a deluxe memory foam mattress that promises restful sleep for up to four occupants. The tent's state-of-the-art cantilever design, supported by Nitrogen Gas Charged Struts, simplifies setup and takedown, transforming it into an effortless experience. Equipped with a 420 Oxford Rip-Stop Waterproof Rain Fly and an insulated base, the Bushveld Tent is tailored for year-round adventures. Enhanced with practical built-in storage, ambient LED lighting, and the option to add an annex room, this tent redefines camping luxury. Whether planning a weekend escape or an extended expedition, the Bushveld 4-Person Roof Top Tent is your ideal solution for comfort, convenience, and outdoor resilience.

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Tough as Nails, Ready for Anything

Ready for a tent that's as hardcore as your adventures? The Bushveld Hard Shell Roof Top Tent has got your back. Crafted with double 600D ripstop toughness and a 420-oxford ripstop rain fly, this bad boy laughs in the face of rough weather. With UV-protected PU 2500 fabric and a sleek waterproof polymer hard shell, not to mention the marine-grade stainless steel bits and pieces, you're looking at the Iron Man of tents. Rain, wind, or blazing sun – bring it on!

Stretch Out in Style

Think camping’s all about cramping up? Not in the Bushveld! This tent’s got space to spare – enough for four people. The memory foam mattress is like sleeping on a cloud, and the skylight? It's your own personal star-gazing window. With roll-up windows and cozy LED lights, it's not just a tent; it's your own portable penthouse.

Clever Storage for the Clever Camper

Wave goodbye to camping chaos! The Bushveld is a master organizer with storage spots galore. Keep your essentials handy in two personal pouches, stow gear in the six-pouch loft, and chuck those muddy boots in the exterior shoe pouches. Oh, and there’s a big pouch for your bedding too. It’s like having a closet in the wild – everything neat, tidy, and right where you need it.

Cozy Up, Breathe Easy

Whether it's a chilly night or a balmy evening, the Bushveld's got the climate control dialed in. The insulated base keeps things comfy, and those 120G fade-less windows mean you get fresh air without the bugs. It’s the perfect blend of snug and breezy, so you sleep like a baby, whatever the weather.

Effortless Installation and Universal Compatibility

Discover the ease and versatility of the Bushveld Roof Top Tent, designed for simple handling and transport, without sacrificing durability. Its straightforward, drill-free installation process is a boon for both new and experienced campers, fitting seamlessly on a variety of vehicles from SUVs to trucks, thanks to its universal mounting system. Compatible with most factory or aftermarket roof racks, the Bushveld combines lightweight convenience with a broad range of vehicle fit, ensuring that your setup is quick, easy, and ready for any adventure.

Setup? More Like Snap-Setup!

Think setting up a tent is a chore? Not with the Bushveld. This genius design pops up in a snap, thanks to the Nitrogen Gas Charged Struts and those super-simple latches. The 96” ladder means getting in and out is a cinch, and when it’s time to hit the road, just fold it down, strap it up, and you’re off. Easy, peasy, adventure squeezy!

Optional Annex Room

Elevate your camping experience with the optional annex room, a perfect addition for extra space and protection. Constructed from durable 420D Polyester Oxford Waterproof Material and featuring breathable doors and windows, the annex offers an ideal balance of protection and ventilation. Easy to transport and set up, it's an essential upgrade for those seeking a more luxurious and versatile camping lifestyle.

Detailed Specs

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